jehoova tunnistajad eestis


This is a page for short description and mission-statement about for the larger English-speaking public.

In Estonia, the WT Corporation has around 4000 followers, half of them from Russian-speaking and half from Estonian-speaking population.

Until 2013, there has not been any widely known ex-JW or JW-oriented anti-cult activity.

The most noticable specifics of ex-JW activity in Estonia are:

  • WT preys on the isolated language group phenomena:
    • large number of members do not speak English
    • thus, WT scandal, news coverage, history before 1990s and so on is not only unknown, but unreachable for them
  • WT publications before 1990 are not available in Estonian:
    • this greatly obfuscates the history of the organization for native speakers
    • makes translating articles that handle WT subjects hard, as all quotes need to be rendered with great care agrees with AAWA mission statement and goals. We do not hate JWs and have no issue with them. We have an issue with the Watchtower Corporation and it's cruel dogmas.

Our goal is to offer third party information, publish objective research and run a local support group. We encourage every English-speaking ex-JW site to link back to us, tweet about us and write blog entry about our existance in this remote part of the world. Any feedback and questions are welcome in English to info(at)tunnistaja(dot)ee.

If you are English-speaking person and for some reason ended up here while searching for information about JWs and the WT corporation, we encourage you to check out,,, and other numerous websites that present a third party view on the subjects. However, keep in mind that does not specifically promote or support any website and does not make a claim about the quality of any information presented on linked websites.

We greatly appreciate the time you have taken to read this!